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Step by step guide to earn $30 daily

April 17, 2017 2:27 pm Published by
PREVIEW: Paidverts a unique ptc website based on reliable and stable business model,It is founded by JO cook,founder of mytrafficvalue which is Stable and paying their members on time since 2010.It is better than any other ptc site.No bot rented referrals here.Its the only ptc site where you can earn dollars daily without any referrals.
Step by step guide to earn $30 daily:-Step-1(collecting BAP)
There are Daily8×25=200BAP(BonusADPoints) available for collect.when you first start with paidverts your target must be to active daily and do not miss any BAP ads
1 BAP = $0.0005
200 BAP=$0.10 value ads(starting days earnings).
Please remember the more BAP you have the more higher value ad you will never miss any BAP ad.I will show you how I build my empire of BAP’S without any investment from my pocket.Step-2(earning $1)
Collect $1 in your account balance by viewing paid ads.Click your daily activation ads(BAP ADS),remember to get paid ads you need to view daily 8 activation ad first..when you finish to click on your daily activation ad,wait for sometime(1-15 minutes) for paid ads to will found that you are getting paid ads in every hour after viewing activation ads.keep visiting daily activation ads and paid ads daily untill you have $1 into your account.
(If you can afford to invest $1 using PayPal/payza then you Can buy an ad pack to start the process fast or if you don’t have a account {PayPal or payza} you need to wait for someday maybe 1 week to collect $1)
Pls join now…. $1)
Once you Collected $1 You Can buy an ad pack for $1.that’s the most interesting part of it.why you need to buy ads instead of cashing out? cause if you wish to earn daily $30 you need to reinvest your earning to grow..let me tel how!!
If You Bought an Ad for $1 Paidverts will Give 3100 BAP + you will get ad credit(50 user visits for 30 seconds each)
3100 Bap will give you $1.55 worth ads
If you bought 2 Ad for $2 This Site will Give you 6400 BAP
6400 Bap will give you $3.10 worth ads!!
If you bought 10 Ad for $10 paidverts will give you 32000 BAP
32000 Bap will give you $15.5 worth ads!!!Step-4(Upgrade at $0.05)
Yes do not need to pay a huge upgrade fee like other PTC site do require.You can upgrade at paidverts as low as $0.05,Thats is why it is being considered the best PTC right now!!
You must have $0.05 and more than 2500 BAP to qualify for paidverts recyclers pro upgrade!!
So why upgrade by paying $0.05?
This premium is valid until such time that a total of atleast $1 worth of recycled ad delivered to our account.
when the premium upgrade is expire repeat the $0.05 upgarde process to receive $1 value ads.Step-5(keep growing your BAP’S)
Repeat step 4 until you have more than 100000+BAP..more BAP more this stage you must have earning more than $30 daily…

Having more than 1000000+ BAP can give you these:

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