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Real Earning PTC Sites… Scarlet-clix

April 17, 2017 10:48 am Published by

A short Review of this program:

  • Name: Scarlet-clix
  • Category: PTC
  • Admin: Dimitrios Kornelatos
  • Status: Paying
  • Per click: upto 0.01$
  • Per Ref click: upto 0.01$
  • Maximum Direct Referal: No limit
  • Minimum upgrade: 5$ (Monthlyy)
  • Referral commission: 40 – 100%
  • Minimum Withdraw: 1$
  • Payment Within: 3-7 days
  • Payment Possessors: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money
  • Join Now:



What is Scarlet-Clicks?
Scarlet-Clicks is a long standing “Paid To Click” website or PTC Site where you can earn extra cash from clicking ads and doing tasks. They are one of the few Bux type models who have passed the test of time without issue paying their members.

Can you earn money from Scarlet-Clicks?
Yes you can! You just need to Sign up with Scarlet-Clicks, login to your account and click ads. Easy, right?

How to get paid?
You will be paid through electronic cashouts. You can choose any of the following: PayPal, Payza and Perfect Money.

Can I Join Scarlet-Clicks?
Everyone can join Scarlet-Clicks, no country restrictions.

Is it free to join?
Yes sir. No hidden charges! :D.

How much can I earn from Scarlet-Clicks?
It depends how many Ads and tasks are available, but you should have at least $0.02 earnings per day from viewing ads.

Pls click here for join …


  • View Ads:
    It’s simple, click ads and get paid!
  • ScarletGrid:
    Click ads in the Grid and get a chance to make up to $1.00
  • PTC Wall:
    Offers from members. Do simple tasks and earn money.
  • PTC Ads – Clicks available Ads.
  • Quick Tasks – Do simple tasks.
  • Network Offers – Do tasks, answer surveys and much more.
  • PTSU (Paid To Sign Up): Sign up to another program and earn decent pay.
  • Point and Referral Contest:
    Earn Huge prizes from these contests. The Top 10 winners can earn from $1 up to $500 (depends on the prize of the contest).
  • Referral Commission: Earn Money from referrals activities.
  • Points: Earn Points from your own activities.

Pls click here for join …


Online for More than 6 Years:

A PTC Site which has been online for more than 6 Years without an issue means only one thing. It’s Legit!

  • Paying All Members on Time:
    Scarlet-Clicks has been Paying all of their members for almost 7 years. They are paying on time that’s why they have a lot of satisfied members.
  • Trusted Admin:
    Dimitris Kornelatos has no background of scamming or cheating, he’s one of the most Trusted admin in the PTC world.
  • Low Payout Threshold:
    With a $2 payout threshold, it’s very easy to cash out from Scarlet-Clicks.
  • Unlimited Referral:
    This is Good news for those who can get plenty of Direct referrals. Once you have enough active referrals, you will surely earn from Scarlet-Clicks without doing much.


  • Slow Earner for Starters:
    As a Standard member of Scarlet-Clicks without Direct Referrals, it will take some time to cash out decent money from them.
  • Unprofitable Rented Referrals:
    We don’t recommend to rent referrals, it’s hard to make a profit from them even with Gold membership.

I said this many times but I will say it once more, the key to success to almost all PTC Sites is “Direct Referrals”. You may earn a profit from Rented Referrals at some point but it’s not guaranteed. Their click rate may drop in a glimpse of an eye and you won’t be able to do anything about it. Instead of trying to figure out a recycling technique that can help you earn money, we recommend to focus on how to get DRs. If you will learn how to get DRs, you have a big chance of making good money from any PTC Site not just with Scarlet-Clicks.

Another tip is to upgrade membership to Yearly Silver or Gold to improve your referral commission from 40% to 100%. This will significantly boost your earnings from Scarlet-Clicks if you have plenty of DRs. Their Unlimited referral program and their 100% commission from referrals click will work hand in hand to provide you decent income.


Scarlet-Clicks is one of the Best PTC Sites of 2016 where you can earn extra cash from. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but everyone can earn cash from them without spending a dime. They are a Long Standing Paying PTC Site, so PTC SITES FAN considers them LEGIT!

Pls click here for join …

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