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Make Money With OJOOO up to $ 1500 a month | Tricks & Tips 4u

April 17, 2017 9:27 am Published by

How to make $50 a Day on Ojooo after Only 1 Month ?!!!
Automatic free recycling inactive rented referals in 3days!

Registration here :

The RR avg is Crazy!!! +2 !!!!!
Make 3 cents per click! +50 ads to click Daily!
You earn $4 a day with 200 rented referrals.
After 3 days you will earned $12 & $1 from your own clicks, so you will have to invest another $27
But after that you will make profit while you keep buying rented referrals till you reach the 2000 limit.
Premium member $ 39 for one year.(bonus upgrade ref $10)
You can rent Referals=250
Premium+member $ 39 for a month(bonus upgrade ref $20)
You can rent Referals=2000(recommended)
It is the only company in the PTC space, with full contact details and based in Germany.
Pays up 3cents per advertising.
Really 10 minutes a day employment.
See your ads any time of 24hours.
Direct communication with your Referals.
Unlimited direct Referals (Premium), 150 simple members.
About 25 – 30 ads of which is most nearly in 3cent.

Registration here :

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